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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Healthy While on Vacation

travelPeople spend months planning, organizing, and preparing for vacations, but they often neglect a few simple home maintenance measures that could save them money and keep their homes safe and healthy.

If you and your family are getting ready for a holiday of your own, here are a few steps you can take to prepare your home, and this will ensure your house is still in the same condition when you return.

1. Don’t Just Shut Off Appliances

Most appliances always draw energy when they’re plugged in, even if they are turned off. So if you go away on vacation or leave home for the night, your appliances are still costing you money if you fail to unplug them before you go.

To conserve energy and shrink your power bill, unplug all electronic devices and appliances before your holiday, especially the ones that have lights and panels that are always lit. Not only will this save money and energy, but it will also protect your equipment from power surges and possibly fires.

2. Clean the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great when they’re being used and cleaned frequently, but a dirty disposal that’s left to sit for several days or even weeks can create a nasty stink in your house, and it’ll attract pests.

To keep your house clean and tidy for when you get back, run the garbage disposal for a few minutes and flush it with cold water or your favorite cleaner.

3. Prepare Your Water Heater

Just like you don’t want to feed the insects and rodents with your garbage disposal, so too should you avoid keeping the water hot just for them!

If nobody will be around to use the hot water, set the water heater to vacation mode, lower the temperature, or put it on its lowest setting to get it ready for when you’re away. That way, you won’t waste power and money to keep water hot when nobody needs it.

4. Turn Off the Main Water Supply

Since nobody will be using the water, it’s best to turn the whole system off, and that way the pipes can’t freeze, burst, or leak and ruin your floors, walls, and furniture while you’re away. After everyone’s finished using the bathroom and you’re all ready to go, turn off the main water supply to the house and drain the adjust-the-thermostatremaining water from the pipes by turning on each faucet in the house.

Just make sure you turn them off again, so water doesn’t come bursting out when you turn the water back on.

5. Set the Thermostat

There’s no reason to keep the air­ conditioner or furnace running when you’re on holiday, unless you’re leaving a pet at home. But if fluffy is going with you on vacation or staying with a friend, set the thermostat so it will conserve energy.

In winter, set it between 50 and 60 F and in summer set it to 85 F. Don’t go below 50 F in winter, or the pipes could freeze. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can even set it to return to its normal temperature the day before you return.

Everybody wants to save money, and these few simple pre­-vacation home maintenance steps can help you do just that. Moreover, taking care of these things before you go will keep your home safe and ensure a healthy environment when you return, meaning you can relax and enjoy your time away without having to worry about how things are going back at home.

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