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Precautions to Take to Prevent Slab Leaks

If your Wenatchee home is built on a concrete slab, as many homes are, especially in areas of the country where basements are not common, you likely have plumbing pipes built into the slab. If these pipes begin to leak, it can cause big problems. To prevent a slab leak, there are some precautions you can take.

Wenatchee, WA slab_leak_repair_360Ensure Your Slab is Properly Insulated

Extreme cold is an enemy to pipes anywhere in your Wenatchee house, but it can be a big problem for pipes in your slab.

Not only can extreme cold cause your slab pipes to freeze and burst, but the moves back and forth between extreme heat and extreme cold can cause the concrete in your slab to expand and contract, which can exert forces on your pipes that can damage them and cause a leak.

If you are worried about whether your slab is insulated enough, have it inspected.

Keep a Consistent Water Pressure Level

Variances in water pressure can cause pipes in your slab to fail, especially if you have copper pipes. Water pressure that is too high, above seven feet per second, it can actually strip off the copper from the inside of the pipes, which can weaken them and lead to leaks over time.

On the other hand, water pressure that is too low can allow minerals in your water, such as calcium and magnesium, to settle in your pipes. Over time, these minerals can corrode the lining of your pipes, also leading them to fail and cause a leak.

Avoid Overuse of Chemicals

If you have constant drain clogs, you need to call a plumber and get the problem fixed. Chemical drain cleaners are meant for occasional use, and using them too often can cause them to corrode your pipes.

You should be especially careful when using these cleaners in floor drains and drains on the first floor, because these are closest to the pipes in the slab.

Slab leaks can cause a lot of problems, including damage to your foundation, which is why you want to do all you can’t to prevent them.

Signs you already have a slab leak include wet flooring or baseboards, bubbles or cracking in flooring or baseboards, the sound of running water in the area of your floor or a suddenly high water bill you can’t otherwise explain. If you suspect a slab leak, you should get it checked out immediately.

Don’t let a slab leak destroy your Wenatchee, WA home! Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 to get it fixed.

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