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Recommended Methods for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Many people will overlook a slow drip in their faucet for a period of time, but this is a problem that has a way of becoming worse over time. A small, slow drip may turn into a faster drip or even a stream of water.

Wenatchee, WA faucet_leak_repair_servicesThe amount of water that you can waste over the course of the day can be significant, and you may not want the extra expense in your Wenatchee home water bill.

In addition, you may grow annoyed with listening to the steady dripping sound. While you may have overlooked the drip for a few days already, now is the time to contact a plumber for assistance with your drip.

Schedule an Initial Appointment

The first step to take when you have a leaking faucet that you want to fix is to contact a plumber for a diagnosis of the problem.

There are multiple things that can cause a leaking faucet, and the recommended solution will be based directly on the cause of the problem.

The plumber will diagnose the leaking faucet cause for you so that you learn more about the time it will take to repair the problem and the cost.

This is an important step because your plumber will provide you with a written estimate to fix the leaking faucet, and you will need to agree to the cost and time before the repair work will begin.

Get the Repair Work Completed

Next, you will need to get the repair work completed, and your plumber can assist you with this process without delay.

In fact, most plumbers will be able to complete the work with the initial visit to your Wenatchee home, so you may be able to get the work done today if you contact a plumber right now for assistance. There are two common repair solutions for a leaking faucet.

The first is to tighten the screws that are located on the handles of the faucet. They may be covered by a face plate, and the plumber will remove the face plate to access the screws.

In addition to this step, some leaks may need to be resolved by the replacement of the entire faucet. You can choose the faucet, or the plumber may provide one for you.

Now Is the Time to Call

Now is the right time to contact a plumber for assistance and to move beyond this repair issue that is plaguing your home. Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 to set up your repair appointment in your Wenatchee, WA home.

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