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Water Waste Concerns: Why Saving Water for Summer Months is Key

If you are like many people, then you are probably looking forward to summer, but as the temperature starts to rise and increase, people often waste much more water than they should. When you consume more water than you need, you are not only hurting and damaging the environment, but you are also wasting your hard earned money.

Water conservation is much easier than most people realize, and you can reduce your water usage with small investments and lifestyle changes. You can help conserve water by watering your lawn in the morning, taking quick showers, and covering your swimming pool when you are not using it.

Watering Your Lawn

conserve-waterDuring the summer months, many people enjoy tending to and caring for their lawn, and for the best results, they often opt to water their lawn on a regular basis.

The air temperature is at its hottest at the middle of the day, and the water on the ground will evaporate with greater speed.

As a result, your lawn will require more water to stay healthy, but you can combat this by watering your lawn in the early morning or late in the evening. The air is cooler in the morning than in the afternoon, so the water will not evaporate as fast.

Shorter Showers

When it gets hot outside, many people enjoy taking cold showers so that they can cool off and feel refreshed.

However, taking shorter showers than normal can greatly decrease the amount of water you use each summer. While this might seem like a significant change, shortening your time in the shower by four minutes each day will save approximately 875 gallons of water over the summer.

Although reducing time spent in the shower is a good start, you can further reduce your water usage by turning the shower off while you apply soap and shampoo.

Pool Covers

bathing-a-dog-outdoors_480During the summer months, people in many parts of the world enjoy setting up a swimming pool in their yard so that they can cool off and have fun, but if you have a swimming pool, you are losing a lot of water due to evaporation.

Luckily, you can prevent this problem by investing in a quality pool cover. Although many people own pool covers, most only use them at night. To conserve water, you must cover your pool anytime it is not in use.

Car Wash

When summer arrives, many people enjoy hooking up their outdoor water hose and washing their car, and although this can provide a lot of fun and enjoyment, washing your car too often is a waste of water.

If you want to waste less water and clean your car, then going to the car wash is your best option. On average, it takes 100 gallons of water to wash your car at home. However, going to the car wash only uses 40 gallons of water.

What to do With Your Garden

rain-barrel-collection-systemDo you have a garden or flower bed in your yard? If you do, then you could be using more water than you realize to keep your plants and flowers in good condition, but this problem is easy to overcome.

You can greatly reduce water waste by collecting rainwater and using it to water your garden. Although there are many ways to collect rain water, placing a bucket under your gutters is recommended.

Look for signs of leaks in your home.

Some people might feel tempted to ignore a leaky faucet because they don’t believe it is wasting much water. In fact, some leaks might not even be noticeable, and no matter how small a leak, it can waste untold amounts of water.

For example, if your toilet seat is leaking, it could be wasting up to 100 gallons of water each year. You can determine if there is a leak by placing a dye pack in the tank and checking it a few hours later. If you return to discover the dye has leaked into the bowl, then your toilet is wasting water and costing you money.

Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

loading-a-dishwasher_480If you plan to have a family reunion or host a cookout over the summer, then you are not alone. However, hand washing the dishes after the event is over is not only time-consuming, but it’s also a waste of water.

On the other hand, using an energy efficient dishwasher can help you meet your water conservation goals.

Some people avoid getting a dishwasher installed because of the price. However, a quality dishwasher will save you enough money on your water bill to make up for the initial investment.

Final Thoughts

Reducing water waste will help you save money and also help the environment. Although this might seem like a difficult and challenging goal to achieve, reducing your water consumption is simple and easy with the right plan and a little dedication. The first step is to water your yard either in the morning or at night.

Next, you must reduce the amount of time spent in the shower by four minutes. Finally, it’s important that you minimize the amount of water your pool loses to evaporation by using a quality pool cover.

For more tips on how to save water this summer, contact Allied Plumbing and Pumps, LLC in Wenatchee, WA at (509) 662-6622.

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