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10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System


The water in many places in the United States is certainly not always the best, and though our water quality here in Wenatchee isn’t terrible, we can never be sure that a repeat of Flint’s recently publicized water crisis couldn’t happen just about anywhere. The good news is that you do not need to put up with it. Instead, you can get advanced water filter installation in your home or business that will make a real difference in the quality of the water. When you do make the upgrade, you may be able to enjoy these 10 benefits.

Wenatchee, WA water-filter-installation1. Water That Tastes and Smells Better –

You no longer need to have to put up with the unpleasant taste or smell of your water. Whether it contains chlorine, sulfur, iron, or other minerals, an advanced water filtration system can make you happy with the taste of your water. This could even get the family drinking more healthy water rather than cokes and other sugar-laden drinks. You could also reduce having to make sweetened drinks all the time for the kids just so they will have something to drink – because they don’t like the water.

2. Better Health

Once you stop putting harmful chemicals into your body through your drinking water and food, better health can be enjoyed. Some chemicals do build up in the body after time and can take a real toll on your health. Filter those harmful chemicals out of the water, and you may actually be able to enjoy better health and fewer doctor bills.

3. Less Lead

Recent news reveals that many water systems, including those supplied by the city, have lead in them. Of course, any amount of lead is undesirable, but a good water filtration system can get rid of it, giving you water that is safe for you and your kids to drink and cook with.

4. Eliminate Harmful Chemicals

Water sources, including lakes and reservoirs, all contain some harmful chemicals. This is largely because of the chemicals used in everyday farming and industry. Chemicals that can be found in water supplies may include insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides, farm animal runoff, industrial chemicals, microorganisms, and even drugs.

5. Provides Healthy Water Throughout the House

An advanced water filtration system gives every source of water in your home clean water. This ensures that everyone and every source of water is healthy, from the kitchen sink to the shower, ensuring that chemicals or bacteria are not a threat to your families well-being through some unprotected faucet. This continues to enhance your health and the health of the family.

6. Improve the Taste of Your Food

Chemicals in the water can certainly alter the way your food tastes. If you have unpleasant chemicals in the water, there are probably some foods you do not fix, or drinks, because the quality of the water just ruins the taste. Putting in a quality filtration system can help you enjoy your food and drinks again, and you might even want to have some guests over, too, who you can be sure will appreciate the better taste.

7. Reduce Asthma and Some Allergies

Some family members might be allergic, or have asthma from a reaction to the chlorine and other chemicals the water puts into the air when the faucet or other water sources are running. A powerful water filter can help cut down on those problems, enabling them to breathe easier and relax more.

8. Eliminate Many Gastrointestinal Problems

Many city water systems have problems with bacteria, including the typical ones – cryptosporidium and giardia. You can cut back on the risk of intestinal problems by filtering these bacteria out of the water, which will also lower the risk of gastrointestinal problems by more than 30 percent. Other bacteria may also be present, but a good filter will remove them and protect your family and pets.

9. Reduces Potential Problems with Various CancersWentatchee, WA water-filter-installation-2

Contaminants in the water, such as chlorine, can help cause a number of cancers, including rectal, bladder, and colon. It is possible that your water may also contain high levels of the other more than 2,000 toxic chemicals that can also lead to serious health problems. Filtering out the harmful ones can help you have better health – and possibly a longer life, too.

10. Provide a Filter for Problems with City Water

There are times when the water company may have problems with the water supply, and it becomes contaminated. At other times, water hydrants will be allowed to run, causing iron and cloudy water in the homes nearby when this is done. An advanced water system can protect your water from these contaminants, ensuring that water problems outside the home do not affect those inside.

If you are tired of the problems that poor quality water is causing you and your loved ones, you can get quality water filter installation. It is also considerably less expensive than having water delivered to your Wenatchee home all the time, and it can be a more reliable way to ensure your safety and health.

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