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Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Why Is Thanksgiving So Tough On Garbage Disposals?

A garbage disposal can have it really rough around the holidays, especially during Thanksgiving. There are so many different foods that will pass through the garbage disposal in one day, especially if the family has had a big meal on Thanksgiving day.

Wenatchee, WA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesAlthough the garbage disposal can be used to get rid of unwanted food, putting certain kinds of foods in the unit can make it stop functioning altogether.

It’s necessary to know exactly what should go into a garbage disposal before putting anything in there. Keeping a garbage disposal intact is a simple enough, but make sure to take a few precautions.

How To Keep The Garbage Disposal Working

When the family comes over for Thanksgiving, there will be a lot of food going around, and many may not eat what’s on their plate. When it comes time to clean the dishes, the first thing many people do is to go into the garbage disposal to get rid of the excess food.

The garbage disposal can be used for soft foods like stuffing, peas, beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. The problem garbage disposals may have is with the turkey, chicken, ham and other meats.

A garbage disposal has several blades that are strong enough to cut through certain foods, but if the meat is too tough, then it may give the garbage disposal a hard time, or it’s possible the disposal won’t be able to cut up the food properly.

Any food that the garbage disposal cannot get rid of will sit in there, and this may be unbeknownst to those in the Wenatchee home. After a while, any food left in your Wenatchee home garbage disposal will start to smell very bad, and it may be necessary to have a plumber take apart the disposal to take out the food that has gotten stuck in there.

Another thing to think about are the bones or any type of solid objects that human teeth cannot bite through. It’s not a good idea to put anything down the disposal that cannot be chewed because it’s unlikely that the garbage disposal will be able to shred it up.

The Garbage Disposal’s Broken, What Now?

If the disposal breaks, then make a call to a plumber to get it fixed. A plumber will be able to take apart the unit, clean it, and put it back together again.

Don’t get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Wenatchee, WA home, call Allied Plumbing & Pumps today at (509) 662-6622.

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