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3 Main Water Heater Regulations

As new energy efficiency mandates from the United States Department of Energy begin to be put into action, water heaters of various types will undergo numerous changes. One of the biggest changes involves the Energy Factor rating, which shows the percentage of energy used in heating the tank’s water.

Wenatchee, WA Water-Heater-ServicesAs these changes occur, the technological and design processes of water heaters will also change. Because of this, contractors as well as homeowners will need to be aware of the new regulations and the importance they will play in the years ahead.

Larger Water Heaters

Because of the mandates for increased energy efficiency, many of today’s water heaters will now be much larger than before. Since water heaters now have higher EF ratings, they also have more insulation inside them, making them much bigger.

This may cause some problems for homeowners as well as contractors, who will be forced to make substantial changes in some cases in order to install them in homes.

For example, venting systems and drainage systems for gas water heaters may need to be installed, and in some instances rooms may need to be modified to accommodate the larger tanks.

Product and Installation Costs

While contractors will notice significant changes in water heaters, so will many homeowners. In fact, homeowners are likely to see greatly increased costs when purchasing new water heaters, and will also pay more to have the heaters installed.

This is due to additional expenses incurred during installation, such as adding or upgrading electrical outlets or having special venting systems installed for high-efficiency gas heaters.

However, despite the higher costs in these areas, homeowners will eventually see reductions on their monthly utility bills. On average, owners of gas water heaters may see up to a $60 savings per month, while some owners of electric water heaters may have savings of up to $300 per month.

Manufacturing Changes

Along with consumers and contractors, manufacturers will also notice changes due to the increased energy efficiency regulations. In order to meet the new standards, water heater manufacturers will be required to install gas condensation technology on all gas water heaters as well as electric heat pump technology on almost all residential water heaters.

While this will add additional expenses initially to consumers, the Department of Energy estimates that within 3-5 years consumers will begin to see their utility bills go down while having their energy efficiency rise.

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