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How To Drain Your Water Heater

Don’t Wait To Drain Your Water Heater

Wenatchee, WA ac_maintenanceSome people will wait for years before they decide to get their water heater drained, and this can become a big problem.

A water heater is recommended to be drained every year, so waiting for several years can mean that there is a terrible buildup inside the water heater that may be coming out into your Wenatchee home water.

If you want to keep your water as clean as possible as well as keeping the water heater clean and running well, then you should make sure to get it drained every year, and flush it as it needed as well.

How A Water Heater Is Drained

Draining a water heater can be fairly simple if it’s done correctly. It’s typically a service technician that will drain a water heater, and this is best because a plumber is licensed to work with water heaters, which is very important.

What the plumber will do is to basically attach a hose to drain the water heater, but first the electricity is turned off, even if it must be done through the breaker or by taking out a fuse for the water heater.

Those who have a gas water heater will simply have the gas turned down very low. It’s also important to never have a water heater drained if hot water is needed within the next couple hours or so.

The plumber who is draining the water heater will turn off the cold water as well as opening the drain valve to let out the excess water. Once the water is drained out, it’s likely that the plumber is going to inspect the rods as well as the other parts of the water heater to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Additional water will be put into the water heater to drain it again to make sure that the sediments and the buildup is cleaned out of the water heater.

Once the water heater is properly drained, then it can be refilled again, the power or gas can be turned back on, and then clean water will be coming out of the taps again.

Don’t Skip The Plumber

Plumbers are able to drain the water heater as well as conducting maintenance that can keep the water heater from breaking down. Since sediment buildup can cause many serious problems, allow a plumber to flush and drain your Wenatchee home water heater yearly.

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