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Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

In many Wenatchee homes, the garbage disposal is one of the most used appliances by the entire family. However, as with any machine that is used extensively, it will need regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently.

Wenatchee, WA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesThis is especially true with garbage disposals, since they are often used for a variety of purposes other than those for which they were intended.

To make sure your Wenatchee home garbage disposal will be working well when the fall season arrives, many things can be done to make that happen.

Use the Disposal Frequently

While most disposals are used on a frequent basis, others are sometimes left unused for extended periods of time.

When this is the case, rust and corrosion can build up quickly and severely hamper its effectiveness.

Not only can the blades and other moving parts get stuck due to rust and corrosion, but infrequent use can also allow food particles and other obstructions to accumulate. If this happens, the motor may overheat and burn up, leading to a high repair bill or the purchase of a new disposal.

Don’t Clog Drains and Pipes

One of the most frequent service calls plumbers make on garbage disposals involves clogged drains and pipes. Most often, this happens when either too much garbage is put in the disposal at once, or many of the wrong items are put in there.

People who put coffee grounds in their disposal often wind up with clogged drains and pipes, which in turn leads to high repair bills. While coffee grounds can help to alleviate various odors in the disposal, the potential for clogged drains and pipes is too great to make this a good idea.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

While everyone wants a clean garbage disposal, many people make the mistake of using harsh chemicals when attempting to clean it.

When they do this, the chemicals can damage the disposal’s blades, motor, and other parts as well. In addition, the drain pipes can be damaged as well, which can lead to a service call from a plumber.

If the blades and other parts of the disposal are too badly damaged, a new disposal may need to be purchased and installed.

Most plumbers recommend cleaning the disposal with natural cleaners such as Borax, which focuses on eliminating mold and mildew, and using ice cubes ground up by the disposal to get rid of accumulated food particles and other debris.

Time to get your Wenatchee, WA home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 today.

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