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National Kitchen & Bathroom Month is Here!

Guess what month it is? That’s right, it’s National Kitchen & Bathroom Month!

This special day was created by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 1982, and ever since it’s marked the most popular time of year to renovate your bathroom or kitchen. With the kids at school and the temperatures beginning to drop, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are turning their attention inwards to their home.


Below is some basic information about National Kitchen & Bathroom Month, as well as some handy guides to designing the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams:

Showers vs. Tubs

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’re likely trying to make the tough choice between installing a bathtub or a standing shower.

If you’re feeling stumped, just take a look at this list of pros and cons for each:

Bathtub Pros:

● Perfect for relaxing sore muscles

● Best for bathing young children

● Available in a wide selection of sizes and styles

● Special features including whirlpool versions, air jets, and more are available

Bathtub Cons:

● Uses a lot of water

● Difficult for people with injuries and the elderly to get in and out of

● Takes up a lot of space

● It’s time consuming to fill a tub to bathe

Shower Pros

● Uses less water than bathtubs

modern-glass-shower● Easy and convenient to use

● Easy access for people with mobility issues

● Jets, rain showers, and other fixtures available

Shower Cons

● Not practical for families with children

● Shower doors require a lot of cleaning

● Leaks can be tricky to fix

What’s Trending Now in Kitchen Remodeling

Some trends to keep an eye out for this season are:

● Grey cabinets rising in popularity (overtaking white as the most common color)

● Functionality is a priority, so expect to see hydraulic, easy-to-close doors surging in popularity

● Classic black and white color schemes

● Fresh, colorful hues for sinks (make a statement with your sink)

● Bold fixtures

What’s Trending Now in Bathroom Remodeling

Do you want to update your old bathroom to something eye-catching and modern this month? Then don’t miss these hot trends:

● Open shelves and cabinets

● Freestanding tubs and showers (assuming you have the space)

bathroom-vanity● Black and white color palettes, with tiled flooring rising in popularity

● Accessible bathrooms so you never have to worry about tripping or falling

Avoiding Trends that Won’t Last

Part of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is upgrading to match a more modern aesthetic, but it’s important to choose timeless and “classic” looks in order to avoid looking dated after a few years.

The easiest way to upgrade your home and keep it looking stylish is to invest in more traditional appliances, surfaces, fixtures and lights, and to make them pop by painting a feature wall or using interesting rugs, art, drapes and shower curtains.

These items can be replaced much more cheaply than large-scale items, which will help you to refresh your kitchen or bathroom without tearing it out in a few years.

For more help keeping your home’s plumbing up-to-date contact the experts at Allied Plumbing and Pumps, LLC at 509-662-6622.

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