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The Top Plumbing Myths

There are top plumbing myths that almost everyone has heard about and believe to be true. The key to reducing plumbing issues is to educate yourself on myths that cost you money.

Wenatchee, WA plumbing_servicesThese common myths are passed down from generation to generation. Read all about popular myths about your garbage disposal and the truth behind them.

Hot Water Cuts Grease

If you pour grease down the disposal with hot water, then it causes the fat to liquidate and cling to the metal parts. However, if you use cold water, then the grease will become a solid that can be ground up by the disposal.

Lemons Benefit the Disposal

Lemons contain a lot of citric acid that may damage the metal parts of your Wenatchee home disposal. Even though lemons make your disposal smell fresh and clean, the potential for damage from the citric acid is too great.

Dump a small amount of liquid household cleaner that smells like pine or lemons into the disposal.

All Waste Can Enter the Disposal

It is a myth that the garbage disposal was invented for all waste products. Banana peels, eggshells and other hard items should not be placed into the disposal. Instead, throw them away into the garbage to keep your disposal running smoothly.

Avoid putting any type of grease down the disposal to keep it from accidentally clogging up the drain.

Sharpen the Disposal Blades with Ice

If you throw ice cubes into the disposal, they will not sharpen the blades. Instead, they may cause your disposal to stop working. If you have a lot of ice to throw away, let it melt without grinding in the disposal. Ice will damage the blades that grind food. If your disposal blades are dull, then it may be time to purchase a new one.

Drain Cleaner will Clear Clogs

Drain cleaners are made out of powerful chemicals that may harm your Wenatchee home plumbing system. The garbage disposal that is clogged up will not benefit from the drain cleaner.

Instead, look for a reset button located on the bottom of your disposal. Never reach inside the disposal without unplugging it from the wall underneath the sink.

Call a professional plumber to repair severe clogs in your garbage disposal. You can shine a flashlight into the disposal to see if there are large chunks of debris that are keeping it from running. Some people use a broom handle to dislodge a disposal that stops working.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Wenatchee, WA home plumbing system. Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 for the quality you deserve.

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