Wenatchee Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Notice a bad smell from your sewage line? Call Wenatchee sewer line repair & replacement at 509-662-6622 today.

Allied Plumbing and Pumps can inspect your existing sewage line and figure out the best way to fix it. We specialize in sewer line repair, replacement and installation. With our unobtrusive technology we can determine what is causing your sewage line problem.

You may have:

● Collapsed or broken pipes
● Misaligned and offset pipes
● Grease buildup inside your pipes
● Foreign objects inside your pipes
● Corroded pipes
● Bellied pipe (pipes that sink creating a “U” that collects waste)
● Worn out or faulty seals between pipes
● Tree roots in sewer line

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Sewer Line Repair

There are currently three different methods we can use to fix your faulty sewage line. Which one we choose is based on a thorough examination and a lifetime of experience.

Conventional/Trench Method

Though this backhoe digging method is going out of style, it can still be effective for some pipe problems. If your sewer line has completely collapsed by a tree root, digging a trench may be the only answer. Once dug, the entire pipe system is exposed. The offending pipe is then removed and replaced.

Trenchless Methods: Pipe Bursting And Pipe Relining

These two methods are very popular because of the minimal disruption they cause. The two trenchless methods of sewer repair can last well over 50 years.

Pipe bursting involves running a new pipe through the old one. Only two holes are dug so the damage to your landscape is kept to a minimum. We drag a hydraulic bursting head and a new pipe through your old pipe. The old pipe is then literally shattered by the new one.

Pipe relining is the practice of inserting resin into the broken pipe. The resin hardens over time, leaving you with a new impermeable pipe within a pipe. The diameter of the pipe is a quarter inch smaller, but in no way does that affect the performance. Various methods are used to cure the new liner so that it hardens, including:

● Hot water
● Ambient light
● UV lighting
● Air pressure

Trenchless methods of sewer pipe repair are more desirable because they can save:

● Driveways
● Landscaping
● Porches on the way to reach the broken pipe
● Sidewalks
● Expensive hardwood floors
● Areas with electrical and gas lines
● And more…

Call Allied Plumbing and Pumps at 509-662-6622 today for a sewer line repair expert to come and assess your problem. We will take the time to fully explain the processes and the rationale behind our work, and we’ll never leave a mess behind.