Wenatchee Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Fixing your sewer line without destroying your lawn is possible. We have the tools and the knowledge at Wenatchee trenchless sewer line repair at 509-662-6622.

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At Allied Plumbing, sewer line replacement doesn’t necessarily mean the destruction of your hardscape and landscape. Our trenchless sewer line replacement is so unobtrusive, you’ll be enjoying your backyard in no time at all. With the average age of homes in the Wenatchee area at 50 years, trenchless repair is just right for this part of the world. Sewer pipes in our area (1940s through about 1972) used an asphalt impregnated paper pipe called “Orangeburg”. Orangeburg pipes – like many galvanized or lead pipes more than 50 years old – have really reached the end of their effective lifespan and should be replaced. See what others have said about trenchless water line replacement in our reviews when you click here.

What Is Pipe Bursting And How Does It Work?

Traditionally, in open trench repair and installation, a large backhoe would trundle through your yard and rip up the turf to access the troublesome pipe. Allied Plumbing and Pumps can come in with a small machine, dig just two holes where the damaged pipe starts and ends and use your old sewer line as a guide to drag a full-sized replacement pipe through the old one. This trenchless hydraulic “bursting” of the outside pipe leaves the other pipe shattered in the ground and you are left with a pristine new sewer pipe that should last for over 100 years. Typically, Allied Plumbing can replace your sewer lateral with this directional drilling in one day.

What Do We Use To Get The Job Done?

There are five key pieces of equipment used in pipe bursting:

● An expander head
● Pulling rods
● A pulling machine
● A retaining device
● A hydraulic power source

A machine is set into a small hole and the expander head drags the new pipe into the old line. The machinery is heavy duty but the result is elegant and non disruptive. Trenchless sewer line repair is gaining popularity all around the world and we are leaders in this growing field.

A Word On Negative Grade

Most of our Allied Plumbing customers are trenchless sewer replacement/repair customers, so we know this end of the plumbing business pretty well. There are occasions when a trench has to be dug. Sometimes we use a combination of digging and the steel bursting head technology to correct the pipe slope if the grade is wrong. That being said, we always endeavor to leave your property in the best shape we can. Most of the time you’d never know we had been in your yard at all.

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