As longtime Bridgeport area plumbers, our team is accustomed to the needs and problems that our customers face when it comes to their plumbing systems. We glad to be able to offer a full line of services to all of our customers. Remember that we’re always available for 24/7 emergency service, with flat rate pricing and plenty of local code experience. And you can rest assured that our family owned company always keeps the comfort and security of your family in mind, with timely, efficient service every time. Here are a few of our areas of expertise.

Inspect Your Bridgeport Pipes

Sewer camera inspection is one of the cornerstones of our business practices at Allied Plumbing. Cameras allow our plumbing professionals to see problems in the system without having to unearth the pipes or cause unnecessary damage to finishes. Using a state of the art camera designed to be fed through pipes and sewer lines, our technicians can locate problem areas within plumbing systems. Camera inspection is a useful service when it comes to finding clogs or detecting cracks. Not only does the camera give an inside view of the pipeline, it also provides a locator signal for the easiest repair. Most plumbing and sewer problem diagnoses in the Bridgeport area begin with a camera inspection.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

We recommend regular drain cleaning to all our Bridgeport customers. Drain cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your entire plumbing system, since it helps to eliminate clogs and buildup. Some property owners use DIY chemical methods of drain cleaning. But those solutions are made of harsh compounds that can actually end up causing harm to the plumbing system as well as the surrounding environment. Instead, our Allied Plumbing team uses clean, professional methods that are effective and gentle. Drain cleaning can be done at routine intervals or scheduled on an as-needed basis. Taking care of drains is a good practice for the health of the plumbing components as well as the health of the home’s occupants. Clean drains help to eliminate foul odors and other unpleasant side effects of gunk and slime within the pipe walls.

Hydro jetting is one of the most effective pipe cleaning methods that we use in Bridgeport and the surrounding area. Using a specialized multi-directional nozzle that sprays highly pressurized water, our Allied Plumbing professionals are able move slowly through the pipelines with a long and flexible hose. The flow and speed can be controlled by the operator to protect the integrity of each individual system. Basically, hydro jetting is a pressure washing service for the inside of the pipes. Hydro jetting is effective for breaking up mineral and organic buildup, as well as for disintegrating some smaller debris and tree roots. Using this hydro jetting technology can help to increase water flow and prevent future clog problems. Hydro jetting is clean and environmentally friendly, so it’s safe to use for almost all pipeline and sewer applications.

How We Detect Leaks within Your Pipe System

Sometimes leaks are easily seen due to pooling or puddling water. Other times, the exact location of a leak is not so clear. Fractures inside walls, within a foundation slab, or beneath the ground all require professional technology to uncover. At Allied Plumbing we utilize every means necessary to locate leaks, including audio, visual, and infrared equipment. Audio sensors help to pinpoint a leak location based on a subtle difference in sound; this type of equipment is especially useful for underground leaks. Infrared equipment relies on heat signatures to determine a leak, usually within interior walls. And of course, the most reliable method is visual leak detection, using our camera inspection system—a small camera on a flexible cable. Using these types of strategies, we’re able to find leaks quickly in order to fix them with minimal disruption to the home or business.

Your Bridgeport Sewer Repair Professionals

At Allied Plumbing we strive to use trenchless repair methods on sewer line issues whenever possible. Trenchless technology involves the use of durable resin layered inside the pipe line. Using a single point of entry, the technician will utilize trenchless equipment to coat the problem area, effectively creating a new pipe inside the old. The resin adheres to the sewer line walls for a customized solution, hardening in place for years of time-tested longevity. Sewer lines that have suffered cracks and minor fractures from tree roots or ground settling are good candidates for trenchless repair. Trenchless solutions are often preferred throughout Bridgeport because of the ease for the property owner, with no damage to landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, and yards.

A break in the sewer line can cause quite a mess, both on the exterior and possibly on the interior of the property. A property flowing waste water line is essential to the wellbeing of the occupants, so our team takes sewer repair very seriously. Using a combination of time tested and cutting edge methods including trenchless and excavation techniques, our Allied professionals are able to repair sewer lines quickly and effectively for our residential and commercial clients. Depending upon the severity of the sewer line damage, our team will recommend the solution that is best for the long term. We’ll start with a camera inspection to determine the problem, then follow up with a plan of action depending upon what we find. Trenchless solutions are preferred (see below), but for more extensive damage or deterioration, we would recommend a full replacement. In that case, our Bridgeport clients can be assured that we’ll take the utmost care to trench, remove, and replace the sewer in a timely manner.

Sewer Replacement Services

Older properties throughout Bridgeport may eventually require replacement or their plumbing systems. We realize that this is an extensive job, but we strive to use the least invasive methods possible. When appropriate, we replace metal pipe lines with durable PVC, an up-to-code standard for the Bridgeport, WA area. Whether a complete system replacement is in order or just a portion needs to be redone, the high quality materials that we introduce into the property are intended to last for may years to come, so that it’s a job our customers can count on for a lifetime

A burst pipe is messy and inconvenient, but our Bridgeport clients can expect a quick response from our Allied Plumbing team. We come out to the property quickly to assess the situation and diagnose what type of repair is needed. Sometimes a high quality spot repair will do the trick; other times it’s best to cut away the broken section and replace it completely. No matter what, our 24/7 emergency service line will deal with the issue right away, talking our customers through what is needed to minimize the damage until our team can arrive.

Fixture Installation and Repair in Bridgeport, WA

A dripping sink or tub faucet is more than just a nuisance—it can mean wasted resources and additional expense which can be avoided with proper maintenance or potential replacement. Many times our plumbing professionals are able to disassemble a sink or tub faucet and replace a single gasket or o-ring which will solve the dripping problem. Sometimes a faulty diverter in a tub shower needs to be replaced to increase shower flow and avoid bottom dripping during showers. We’re also able to help make recommendations for a new model if replacement is in order. Today’s newer fixtures provide not only an updated aesthetic, but often increased functionality as well.

Toilet work requires a certain amount of both strength and finesse. Older toilets can suffer from deterioration internal systems. Sometimes simply replacing the interior working parts of a toilet can extend its longevity and avoid a complete toilet replacement. Our Allied Plumbing professionals can help to determine if a fix of this nature would work and can also do the job if necessary. Other times, whether for function or for cosmetic reasons, a complete toilet replacement is in order. In that case, floor sealing, plumbing attachments, and proper seating are all objectives that need to be considered. Many of our Bridgeport area customers prefer to have one of our professionals do this type of installation in order to get the job done right. Because we have years of experience, we can do the work quickly and with utmost effectiveness, helping to avoid wasted time and potential damage.

Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Allied Plumbing and Plumps

Dreaming of a fresh, new bathroom? Re-plumbing a kitchen for a renovation? Our remodeling professionals at Allied Plumbing can help. From consultation services to the final fixture installation, we’re able to coordinate efforts with contractors and designers every step of the way. We can help incorporate the latest trends, such as rain flow showers, multi-person showers, infinity tubs, garden tubs, full body showers, dual sinks, mudroom freestanding tubs, pot-filling stove faucets, gourmet ice makers, instant hot water spigots, and much more. A remodel is also the perfect time to inspect and reevaluate a plumbing system, since walls and tiles are already being stripped away. Our remodeling clients in the Bridgeport, WA area have been extremely satisfied with the end products, as demonstrated by their testimonials, and we’re glad to provide references upon request.

Filter Your Bridgeport Water through Water Filtration Services

Some of our Bridgeport area clients have benefitted from the installation and use of water softening systems. Hard water is not hazardous to a person’s health, but it can be damaging to plumbing systems, including fixtures and appliances. Hard water is full of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which have a tendency to build up inside pipelines and in water heaters. It can also create scales on shower heads and around the faucet rims which are very difficult to clean away. Soft water, on the other hand, flows more smoothly through the system as a whole, and also integrates better with soaps and detergents for increased performance. Our Allied Plumbing professionals are water softener experts, and we gladly offer consultations based upon the needs of the property.

Keep Your Water Clean and Clear with Water Filtration Services

Many Bridgeport residents have seen great benefits from the installation of a whole house water filtration system. Water filtration systems are typically installed at the main where water enters the home, and in that way it provides the cleanest possible water for drinking, cleaning, bathing, and cooking. All water sources including sinks, tubs, and laundry hook ups are covered by a whole house water filtration system. Similarly, a localized water filtration system can be installed at just one point, usually beneath a kitchen sink, for purified drinking water. With hard water and other minerals in our area, many Washington clients prefer the taste of filtered water and also claim that filtered water interacts better with soaps and detergents for better cleaning and bathing. When considering a filtration system, our Allied professionals can help determine which model is best and do the installation promptly.

Prevent Your Bridgeport Basement from Flooding

sump pump is often a necessary part of a properly functioning Bridgeport area home. Sump pumps are typically installed in a basement or crawl space to collect and move water and moisture away from the home’s foundation. They are an integral part of the engineering of properties where the water table rises above the foundation. If sump pumps are not working correctly, flooding can occur which in turn causes costly damage. At Allied Plumbing, we’re accustomed with the particular needs of our community, including sump pumps. We’re ready to help with installation, maintenance, and repairs on sump pumps. We’re also glad to provide sump pump inspections for property owners that feel their pump is not running efficiently, is running to often, or is running to loud. Because a sump pump is imperative to proper function, it needs to be maintained properly.

Work with Your Bridgeport Plumbing Experts

Remember that Allied Plumbing is ready and willing to serve the Bridgeport area—no plumbing problem is too small or too large. We’re grateful to be a part of the larger Wenatchee, WA community, and we appreciate each individual customer. We’ve built our reputation on timely service with fantastic results, and we intend to serve Bridgeport for years to come.