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Take Control of Your Plumbing System this Holiday Season

No one wants to worry about their plumbing systems during the holidays. Instead, you should be enjoying time with your family. The best way to not let a plumbing disaster disrupt your holiday season is by taking control of your plumbing system before the holidays approach.


Follow these tips and tricks to stay ahead of your plumbing and prevent problems during the holidays:

Test Your Sump Pump

sump-pumpWinter brings increased precipitation. If your sump pump has not been used regularly, it’s best to test it before the holidays. Simply pour a bucket of water in the tank and take note of whether or not the motor turns on and activates the pump.

If nothing happens, the sump pump may be seized. We recommend calling a professional right away for a quick repair to keep the pump working all winter long.

Inspect Your Faucets

A spraying or leaking faucet is an annoying plumbing problem that is easily preventable. Over the years, your faucet collects sediment and debris that cause blockages in the spout. The O-rings and washers also start to wear out, which leads to leaking and dripping. By checking these items and making sure water flows freely from the faucet, you’ll avoid annoying faucet problems during the holidays

Insulate the Pipes

burstpipeEven the tiniest crack in the wall can let in enough cold air to freeze your pipes. Frozen pipes are more likely to burst and cause a serious plumbing disaster in your home. Avoid these altogether by insulating your pipes with foam insulation to protect them from cold air.

Turn Up the Thermostat

Another way to prevent burst pipes in your home is by ensuring the thermostat is turned up to at least 55 degrees or higher. Turning up the heat will keep your home warm enough to prevent most burst pipe emergencies.

Close the Shut-Off Valve to Your Outdoor Faucets

Your outdoor faucets need some attention before the holidays too. We recommend removing all hoses and storing them for the winter in addition to closing the shut-off valve to the outdoor faucets. Closing the valve will prevent leaks and burst pipes in that location.

Give Your Water Heater a Helping Hand

During the winter, it’s more difficult for your water heater to heat the water and retain the temperature. Invest in a water heater insulator to help reduce the strain on your water heater and retain heat better. Most major brands create specific sleeves for their water heaters, which protect the unit from cold air.

For more tips and tricks on how to stay ahead of your plumbing this holiday season, call Allied Plumbing and Pumps, LLC. Call (509) 662-6622 today for reliable service in Wenatchee, WA.

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