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Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

Clogged Sinks Can Be Very Problematic

Those who have a kitchen sink in your Wenatchee home, that has a garbage disposal in it may experience clogged sinks more often than not, especially if they are putting the wrong things in the garbage disposal unit.

Wenatchee, WA draincleaning_720A garbage disposal can’t get rid of everything, and even if the unit does crush up the items, it doesn’t guarantee that it will go all the way down the drain.

A bathroom sink can also easily clog, especially when it’s used every single day. Even using soap that goes down a drain can help to clog the drain, especially if it bonds with other items like hair, food, and oil.

You can try on your own sometimes, but you won’t always be successful in unclogging a drain, especially if the clog goes deep within the system. A plumber may be the one who needs to unclog your drains after they become a problem.

Plumber Techniques For Unclogging Sinks

One of the things that a plumber will use to unclog a drain is a snake, but snaking the drain isn’t always necessarily the first thing that they do.

Only after checking a few things out, then snaking the drain may be necessary, and this can be somewhat of a process, so it tends to be one of the last things they try if everything else doesn’t work.

If a bathroom sink has a clog, then the plumber is likely going to disassemble the plunger to take it out of the sink to check for clogs. If it’s necessary, the entire pop-up assembly will be taken out of the bathroom sink to check for a clog. If no clog is found, then the next step would be to check the P-trap, which every bathroom sink should have.

If no clog is evident in the P-trap, then it’s likely that snaking the drain will be necessary. Those who have a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal unit may have to have the garbage disposal removed before the sink can properly be unclogged.

You Just Might Need A Plumber

A plumber has a lot of knowledge about getting rid of clogs, and it may not be a simple clog in your Wenatchee home, especially if it goes to the root of the plumbing system. A plumber can bring all the tools necessary to get rid of any type of clog, and it’s likely that the clog will be gone within a matter of minutes if not hours.

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