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3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

The year 2016 is already here, and when it comes to matters of your Wenatchee bathroom, a lot of developments are expected right from the shower head to the floor. The following are the top three trends that will forever and for the better, change the way our bathrooms have always looked.

Wenathcee, WA 2016 Bathroom Annual TrendsHigh-Tech Showers

Technology is everywhere these days, and the bathroom is just one of many places that make use of it. Showers and shower heads that include digital systems are rapidly becoming a necessity.

These systems monitor and adjust the temperature, steam, and lighting. Some even include WiFi for streaming music to the audio speakers.

More of these systems will be incorporated into the traditional shower setup. Expect to see an upsurge of showers that contain sensors which control the amount of water used.

These intelligent sensors save on the water usage as well as train the user on smart water usage.

Trough Sinks

As the name suggests, this is a larger than usual sink that can handle more than one user at a time. In the 80’s, co-joined sinks were common and had since been referred to us double sinks.

Trough sinks, however, do not have any partition in them. It is ideal for couples since it saves time. Everyone can get ready for work at the same time. It also comes in handy during hand washing of laundry. Items like blankets can easily fit inside.

Shower Seats

As simple as it may sound, seats in the shower have never really taken root, until recently of course. It is surely going to be one of the most innovative improvement.

With this, one can take a shower at his or her comfort. Seats are important if someone is tired or is an elderly person. They are not just for comfort, though, they serve a safety purpose too.

A lot of accidents do occur in the bathroom while standing especially if the floor tiles are slippery. While seated, these kinds of accidents are significantly reduced. Additional safety bars can also be used for support.

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