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Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

Whether in a home or business, a toilet that does not flush properly creates plenty of problems. Unfortunately, many people ignore the problem and hope it goes away or try to fix it themselves, which often leads to bigger problems and higher repair bills.

However, the good news is that most common causes of toilets not flushing properly can be easily fixed by a plumbing professional, resulting in a toilet that should work well for many years to come.

Wenatchee, WA Toilet-Repair-ServicesObstruction in the Pipes

If a toilet won’t flush properly, there is a good chance there is an obstruction within the pipes. This can be anything from too much toilet paper being used to something accidentally getting flushed down the toilet and creating a blockage in the pipes.

Whatever the case, if a few minutes plunging doesn’t work, a plumber will need to be called to fix the problem.

Siphon Jet May be Clogged

In older toilets, there is a small hole in the bottom of the bowl where the water comes out. Known as the siphon jet, when the toilet is flushed water is sent through it, pulling the water level down.

However, if it becomes clogged, the water level in the bowl will not fill to capacity. As a result, multiple flushes will be needed, leading to gallon after gallon of water being wasted.

The Toilet is Too Old

One of the most obvious yet overlooked possibilities when a toilet doesn’t flush properly is its age. In many cases, the toilet has simply outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced. In older Wenatchee homes, this is one of the most common reasons as to why toilets won’t flush properly.

Parts such as the flapper, lift chain, float ball, handle, or others may simply be too old to work properly. While many people continue to attempt to replace one part after another hoping to avoid having to buy a new toilet, in the long run they will save themselves much money and aggravation.

If they purchase a new toilet, and have it professionally installed by a qualified plumber in your Wenatchee area.

Whenever a toilet does not flush properly, great care should be used to determine the exact cause. Whether it’s due to a pipe blockage or the toilet’s age, a plumber can assess the problem and either fix the existing toilet or install a new one that will have few if any problems.

Your Wenatchee, WA home toilet issues can be a nuisance to the whole family. Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 today, and let’s get your toilet back to its flushing state!


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