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The Latest Toilet Technologies

One of the most common reasons why Wenatchee homeowners may want to replace a toilet is because of a home remodeling project. The toilet may have an outdated function, be too large or small for the space or be undesirable for other reasons.

Wenatchee, WA Toilet-TechnologiesOther homeowners will replace a toilet when they want to reduce water consumption, and investing in a low-flow toilet is a great option available to accomplish this specific goal.

There are some new innovations in toilets that may transform your toilet experience.

Water-Conserving Models

The amount of water that a toilet uses with each flush will depend on the type of toilet that is being used. Some toilets may use twice as much water with each flush, and this means that you can save a considerable amount of water when you make a thoughtful decision about which toilet to purchase.

Pay attention to this feature when making a buying decision so that you save as much water as possible with each flush.

Adjustable Flushing Models

Some models can help you to save even more money by giving you an adjustable flushing model. This means that if you push the handle one way, it clears away liquid waste with less water.

If you push the handle the other way, it clears away solid waste with more water. This is a great way to conserve additional water with your flushes.

Bidet Models

There are also bidet models that are now available for residential use. A bidet is most common in Europe and other areas overseas, but people enjoy the refreshing experience they provide when using the toilet.

The models that are now available combine the benefit of a sit-down toilet with a bidet function that can be used afterward. These are ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a bidet without sacrificing the functional use of a toilet in their home.

Replacing a toilet is a great way to improve the look of the bathroom as well as to conserve water with each flush and to add functionality to your bathroom experience.

If you have been thinking about making this bathroom upgrade in your home, consider paying closer attention to these features as you shop around, and you can make a better decision for your bathroom.

You can also contact a plumber at Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 for assistance with the selection and installation of a new toilet in your Wenatchee, WA home.

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