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Prevent a Burst Pipe in Your Home

Winter is fast approaching, bringing with it sub-freezing temperatures and the threat of burst pipes. The cold temperatures can cause water in your pipes to freeze.

Wenatchee, WA Burst Pipe Prevention ServicesThe water expands as it freezes and can cause the pipes to burst, leading to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage.

The following common sense tips can help prevent a burst pipe disaster in your Wenatchee home.

Keep Your Home Well-Heated:

Many Wenatchee homeowners are tempted to turn the heat off when they are going to be away from home in order to cut utility costs.

If the temperature is forecasted to get below 30 degrees, you should leave the heat on even when you are away since pipes can freeze in a few hours in frigid temperatures.

It is best to keep the thermostat set on at least 60 degrees even when you are just going to be gone during the workday. The few extra dollars on your electric bill can save you the frustration and expense of a burst pipe disaster.

You should also make sure you keep your garage door closed, especially at night. This helps block cold drafts in rooms near the garage. It also traps heat inside the home and can prevent pipes from freezing.

Pay Attention to Freeze Warnings:

If the weather forecast calls for a freeze warning, take the following steps to protect your pipes:

  • Let faucets trickle. Water is less likely to freeze if it is moving.
  • Open cabinets under your bathroom and kitchen sinks, especially if located on exterior walls. This allows warm air from the house to warm the pipes.

Don’t Forget Your Hoses:

Forgotten water hoses are one of the biggest causes of burst pipes and water damage during the winter. Water inside the houses can freeze and expand back into the house through the pipes. You should take a few minutes before cold weather hits to remove, drain, and store all water hoses for the winter months.

Finally, it is a good idea to have a professional plumber inspect your pipes before cold weather hits. They can help you identify any issues that could increase the risk of burst pipes and give you tips on insulating your plumbing for the winter months.

Of course, you should call a plumbing professional immediately if you have burst pipes or suspect that your pipes are frozen.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Allied Plumbing & Pumps at (509) 662-6622 for repairs in your Wenatchee, WA home.

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